Car hire Terms and Conditions

When comparing with other car rental agencys you should find out what includes their "full insnurance without excess", many times it will not include punctures, forced door locks, damage to car windows, broken mirrors, vehicle theft... Read the small print and inform yourself well, be wary if they don't specify, if you're required to pay with card or to give a deposit it's because of a reason.

Booking and Hire conditions

Prices already include VAT
Prices already include our maximum RELAX& GO! coverage
Therefor, you wwon't have to choose between different insurances.
Free cancellation with a minimum of 48h notice is included.
You'll pay all at pickup.
You can choose to pay in cash, debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Maestro).
Second driver is included.
Babyseat and booster seats are included.
Unlimited mileage is included.
Fuel policy: must be returned with same amount, ie. if vehicle is received with 1/4 fuel tank you must return it with 1/4 fuel tank.
Driver must be between 25 and 75 years old.
Driver must hold a valid permit to drive in Spain, possessed for at least 3 years (valid permits: among others those issued by a European country, a Internation Driving Licence or regular British driving licence + Passport).

Our RELAX& GO! coverage

Third-Party liability + PAI + CDW
Includes Third-Party liability coverage, Personal Accident Insurance (PAI insures driver and passengers) and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW means the car rental company waives the right to collect a high deductible from you if the car is damaged).
Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)
Excess waiver that also waives damages to windows, mirrors, door locks, punctures, tyres, rims, bodywork.
Excess 0€
Deposit 0€
Damages to vehicles underbody
Except off-road driving damages or motivated by driving in unsuitable places.
Theft Protection (TP)
Except if you leave keys on ignition.
Roadside Assistance 24/7
Fine handling
Damage or Collision handling
Loss or theft of personal belongings left in vehicle
Reckless driving, under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications.
Driving fines and penalties
Damage to the upholstery.
Refuelling with an improper fuel (cost: 50€) and suspension of the vehicle until available again
Losing or damaging vehicles key (maximum cost of 220€)
Missing babyseats (60€) or booster seats (20€)
Severe dirty interior
Implies a 50€ surcharge, throughout all 2019 it only was applied to 3 clients.
It is common to return the vehicle with some sand, but avoid leaving rubish and if you think it dirty we recommend to stop at a fuel station (even the day before) and with 1€ quickly vacuum the worst parts.
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Frequently asked questions


Only the price quotated, extras are free and our maximum insurance is already included, for cars excess is 0€ and we don't require a deposit.


You can pay in cash, debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Maestro).


You will pay all at arrival, no advance payment is required.


Yes, you must be between 25 and 75 years old and hold a category B driving licences or equivalent (ie. UK driving licence) for over 3 years.


Except for the exceptions indicated in the general conditions for misuse of the vehicle :

Prices include third party insurance.

Driver and passangers are covered by the insurance (only cars, not with scooters).

Damages caused accidentally to the vehicle are included (excess = 0€).

Theft of the vehicle is covered, except if you leave keys on ingnition.